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The Segway i2 - Street Model

The i2 lets you glide through your daily commute or zip from errand to errand without worrying about parking. The i2 can take you 24 miles or up to 480 city blocks on a single charge*, powering itself smoothly up or down stairs and curbs, and keeping you in control as it handles steep grades.

Move far, move fast, carry a hefty load and tackle varied terrain. We like to think of it as the strong, silent type.

  • i2                                        i2 Commuter
  • i2  Commercial Cargo     i2 Police/Patroller


*24 miles is the maximum range for the i2 with lithium-ion batteries. Actual range depends on terrain, payload, and riding style.


We Finance - Quick Decisions!
Personal or Commercial - Finance your Segway i2 for as little as $149/month with average approved credit. Within minutes we can have a credit decision while on the phone. From $500 to $25,000.

Experience the Segway of Jacksonville Difference!


Not only do we add value with our Exclusive Value Offer, but we answer your every question and provide support to all Segway Personal Transporter (PT) owners or fans! We are passionate about serving our Segway family. We combine that personal touch with business precision in everything we do. 

  • What Segway options are you interested in? 
  • Not sure if you want/need an i2-Street Model or an x2-Off-Road Model - ask us about the differences.
  • Do you want lease/finance options? 
  • Not in a rush, and looking for a price haircut - ask about pre factory-order purchases, for reduced costs to you.
  • Think this might help your business - ask for our business guidance quote.
  • Business use? We have loss prevention and safety SOPs and training - everything you need to put a Segway program into your small, medium or enterprise class business.

The Segway x2 - Off-Road Model

A special adaptation of Segway Inc.'s dynamic stabilization technology and a wider track maximize stability, while the x2's higher ground clearance ensures that steep hills, uneven trails, and errant rocks won't impede your ride. An extra comfortable ride on all terrain! It can carry you up to 12 miles on a single charge*. The x2. It eats dirt, gravel and grass for lunch.

  • x2                          x2 Adventure
  • x2  Turf/Golf          x2 Police/Patroller

*12 miles is the maximum range for the x2 with lithium-ion batteries. Actual range depends on terrain, payload, and riding style.

Buy A Segway PT!!

Move Your Business Forward

Make your business more nimble, responsive, and productive. Do more with less. The Segway PT improves employee productivity, maneuverability and response time, while taking up less space, less energy, and creating fewer emissions. A Segway PT can bring many benefits to your organization:

  • Multiply Your Force
  • Improve Visibility
  • Promote Interaction and Awareness
  • Improve Response Time and Reduce Fatigue
  • Adaptable to the Setting
  • Support Sustainability Initiatives

Energize Your Personal Short Distance Trips!

Renew your energy for commuting, run errands and explore the outdoors. Enjoy the day - sail past gas stations and lines of stopped traffic. Take it indoors or out. Go fast or go slow. The Segway PT is an eco-friendly, convenient, easy-to-learn alternative to short-distance driving. Far less expensive to own than an automobile, save thousands of dollars on fuel, insurance, maintenance, and parking. Recharge it for less than your daily newspaper. Meet your local transportation needs in one modern, balanced, intelligent machine. The Segway PT is ideal in many ways - beat rush-hour traffic and get away from congested parking lots, it's battery operated, totally wireless, and intuitively moves where your body tells it to.



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